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Be a Part of NKF’s Kidney Patient Summit

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is hosting the 2nd Annual Kidney Patient Summit in Washington, DC, on March 2-3, 2015.  Join us for this special National Kidney Month event as we unite as one voice to tell Congress about the importance of … Continue reading

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Join NKF and Make a Difference

You may already follow the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Maybe you read our blog posts or visit our website for information. But did you know you can also join NKF and become part of the … Continue reading

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How I Helped the Institute of Medicine Understand How to Better Involve Patients in Healthcare

By Caroline Wilkie I am a kidney patient who has been on dialysis for the past four and a half years. I am passionate about spreading awareness about kidney disease. So when I got an invitation to speak at the … Continue reading

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Family in Massachusetts Shows Their Support for Living Kidney Donation in Texas

In the fall it was determined that our cousin Jamie needed to get a kidney transplant. Coming from a large family in Monson, Massachusetts, we all scheduled physicals to see if we were matches. There were many possible matches, but … Continue reading

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A First Hand Look at World Kidney Day 2012 from the Eyes of a Kidney Transplant Recipient

by Shar Carlyle As a woman with polycystic kidneys who rarely ventures far from home and hearth, it takes a pretty big gust of wind to set me sailing.  NKF’s 2012 World Kidney Day provided the right motivation for taking … Continue reading

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Trent Tipple: Survivor, Father, Scientist

Trent was Chair of the National Kidney Foundation’s transAction Council for many years.  His strength and humility is amazing.  Please watch the video available at the following link.

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Not a Horse Apiece

by Sharon L. Buffington Not all things are equal. In particular, the costs between dialysis and immunosuppressive drugs following a kidney transplant are not equal. It is not like the difference between two quarters equaling fifty cents or five dimes … Continue reading

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