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  1. Atlay Nelson says:

    I recently received a kidney/pancreas transplant on Nov. 3, 2012 and I live in a very small town in Alabama(Demopolis) and I want to become an advocate for something that I can attest to. My miracle of life that someone chose to become a donor and now I can live a healthy life!

  2. Rob Adams says:

    I lost my job in Chicago and along with it, my drug coverage. I now live near Atlanta and I’m still looking for a job. In the mean time, I have no insurance to cover my Sandimmune, bood pressure or cholesterol medicine. I haven’t found a way to apply online for help. Everything I’ve seen requires me to fill out a form online, wait for another form to arrive in the mail, take the form to my doctor for him to fill out, and then mail it back. It’s very hard to get to my doctor without a job to pay for gas. In this area things are very spread out. There’s no such thing as finding a doctor’s office or a hospital that’s only five miles down the road. Is there some way I can get all this one online in a week or so? Thank you.

    • Hi Rob, I have shared your questions with our NKF Cares Patient Information Help Line, and they should be contacting you shortly. If you’d prefer, you can reach out to them. NKF Cares is available Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time. Call toll-free at 1.855.NKF.CARES (1.855.653.2273) or email

      Erin Kahle
      Constituent Services Director
      National Kidney Foundation

  3. Wardell.c says:

    I want to become. A patient. Advocate I though. About it for longtime it is time to stand up for kidney patients. I know. Now. I have to become. A advocacy because the way I was treated at local hospital. I will fight to correct. Problem. There I want joined. Nkfadvocacy

  4. Amanda says:

    3 years ago on 6/29/2012 I was blessed to be able to give my Dad a kidney. Labor Day weekend 2011 he went into complete renal failure and had to begin dialysis. For anyone that is going through it, been through it or has watched a loved one go through it you know what it does to that person. I never thought twice to get tested to see if I was a match. And what an honor for me to be able to help my Dad. I wish people were more educated on the process. I had a few people that were just floored that I was going to give up an organ. Aftet explaining the extensive steps that are taken for both people involved and how easy it really is most changed their opinion. Organ donation is so important and the impact you’ve given on another’s quality of life is so incredible.

  5. Holly says:

    How do I found out where I am on transplant list? I have been waiting since 4\1/2014.

  6. gary a. owens says:

    My name is gary owens, Dr. gavin and associates were my doctors. I asked several times for a diet program when my kidney function was at 50%, On one occasion when I asked of a diet a female dr. told me, and I quote, I am not a dietitian I am a Dr. How insensitive shortly there after I was down to 10% kidney function. yes I changed Dr. and the first thing this new dr. did was get me a dietitian. If you know of anyone who is or has been using Dr. gavin or his group please contact me I want to do a class action lawsuit possibly against Dr. Gavin of Bridgeport, Ct. my contact is or 2035450383cell
    Thk you Gary Owens

  7. Veronica Woodley says:

    My son is a small bowel transplant patient , he and I reside in Maryland. He recently found his kidneys are about to fail. His level is 4.5.. If his levels don’t change, he will need a kidney transplant. I found out the other day, he is not on the kidney transplant list. I was told by his doctor he was active on the list. I really don’t know what do other than pray. The world is so cold with these doctors who treat you like trash just because they can. We as a nation allow it every day. I could not believe it. I am currently seeking a doctor who can assist me and my son to get his kidney transplant if needed.

  8. I have a sister who lives in Athens, Texas, in assisted living facility and even though a peritoneal dialysis was recommended, she was told she cannot do in home dialysis, is their a liability issue we need to find out about or are you aware of the laws rejecting this idea? She talked about a possibility of organ donation but this she’s had so many health issues that has been put on back burner. Please help!v

  9. T lamb says:

    My son had a kidney transplant. The transplant waiting list is very very hard. • 6,316 people die each hour. Donation donate donation.

  10. Kimberley A. Schaber says:

    Hi, my name is Kim Schaber. On March 1, 2017, I received a high risk, deceased donor transplant. It has been a precarious three years with multiple hospitalizations for infections and “mild episodes” of rejection. While the transplant has certainly been a gift, the medical costs and health stability have been unexpected.

    In February, with no advanced warning or expectation, I received a letter from Social Security notifying me that my insurance would be terminated in March based on some standard three-year post-transplant policy! (Hello! What about my prescriptions, monthly labs, quarterly clinic appointments, and inevitable hospitalizations?!) Since that termination, despite trying to find help from my teachers disability representative and medical providers, I am among the 37 million uninsured Americans.
    The insurance I will probably have to get has a $600.00/mo. premium, $6,500.00 deductible, exorbitant co-pays, and is realistically prohibitive to maintain.

    So, how can I convince the SSA & CMS to reconsider and restore my medical benefits?
    I hope you can help when no one else tries. Thank you.

    • Kimberley, I have sent this message to our NKFcares staff who might be able to offer you some assistance!

      • Kimberley A. Schaber says:

        Hello, thank you for this response. I’m still working on trying to find some insurance I can afford, but I will also look forward to any advice, assistance, answers you can provide.
        Kimberley Schaber

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