Now is the Time to Review Your Medicare Drug Plan Options

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Medicare Open Enrollment season is here, and you have from now until December 7th to change your Medicare Part D (prescription drug plan) or Medicare Advantage plan (managed care plan) for 2016.  These plans change every year, so even if you stay in the same plan, the services, providers, and medications that are covered, and their cost, may change in 2016.

Research has shown that only 13% of people enrolled in Medicare change their Part D plan, even when doing so could result in better coverage and lower costs.  It’s very important that you research plans every year.  Don’t assume that if you stay in your current plan that your costs and coverage will stay the same. Read this document (pdf) to learn more about how to review your Medicare Part D options and why it’s so important.

You can compare your options for both Medicare Part D plans and Medicare Advantage plans on Medicare’s plan finder website.

Note: if you have end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and are in a Medicare Advantage plan, you may not be able to switch plans unless the plan is offered by the same company you have now.  However, you can choose to go into Medicare fee for service (Part B).  Also, if you have ESRD and are in Medicare Part B, you cannot enroll in Medicare Advantage.  Everyone is eligible to choose and switch among Part D plans.

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3 Responses to Now is the Time to Review Your Medicare Drug Plan Options

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  2. Is the NKF taking steps to avoid the unprecedented rate hike to Medicare part B premiums?

    • NKF says:

      We are aware of the significant Part B premium increases for certain beneficiaries if Congress does not take measures to avoid this automatic increase soon. Negotiations will be conducted primarily among the congressional Leadership and we will monitor developments as they occur.

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