New Patient Network Web Site at Food & Drug Administration

With its new Patient Network Web site,, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Office of Health and Constituent Affairs (OHCA) (formerly Office of Special Health Issues (OSHI)) welcomes the unique perspective of patients, family members, caregivers, and patient advocates directly affected by serious disease to the Agency’s decision-making processes.

FDA’s Patient Network supports people who are looking for reliable information about medical products and their approvals, clinical trials, and other treatment options. The new Web site contains information on the drug and device approval process, clinical trials, investigational drugs, off-label drug use, and new FDA approvals—all written in plain language.

To enhance usability and transparency, FDA has developed the “Get Involved” page, which offers several interactive functions, including e-newsletter signup, live chats, a calendar of public meetings, webinars on medical product regulation, a clinical trial search, and information on how to apply to the FDA Patient Representative Program.

The FDA Patient Representative Program is a unique opportunity for members of the public to apply to become Patient Representatives and act as liaisons between the public and FDA. These individuals serve on FDA’s Advisory Committees and are invited to ask questions on behalf of the patient community. Patient Representatives also present at FDA meetings and workshops. Those interested in becoming a Patient Representative may apply online through the Patient Network Web site.

For more information on FDA’s Patient Network, email:

This information was taken from: A bi-weekly newsletter provided by the Office of Health and Constituent Affairs at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that is intended to inform you of FDA-related information on a variety of topics, including new product approvals,significant labeling changes, safety warnings, notices of upcoming public meetings, proposed regulatory guidances and opportunity to comment, and other information of interest to patients and patient advocates. Subscribe or update your subscriber preferences.

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